Ive been searching the Stackoverflow but couldnt find the exact thread that could help me.

My problem is this, i want to be able to find and take out any occurances of 8 digits wihtin a string.

Dim SetOfMatches As MatchCollection
Dim MyRegex As New Regex("A^\d{8}$A")
Dim TestString As String = "testing 12345678 testing"
myMatches = myRegex.Matches(TestString)

For each Row as Match in myMatches



this doesnt not generate any hits. but i want to find the 8 digit occurance in the middle of the string.

I am very basic in RegEx.

any help would be great!


What are the A good for? I think you don't need them.

Try this


The ^ is an anchor for the start of the string and the $ for the end. So using those it will not find and digits within the string.

Regexr.com is a good online testing tool, you can see this regex here.

Another good source for regular expressions is regular-expressions.info

  • Yes this sovled the problem. I just saw it. Thanks buddy! Oct 28 '11 at 10:19

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