We have a WPF application with tabs. Each tab is bound to a View model.

When we use WPF text boxes and select a tab we get a CPU spike of 7%, and the response is close to instantaneous.

When we use Telerik WPF controls and select a tab we get a CPU spike of 30% and the response time is 2 seconds.

Other info:

  • There are about 30 text boxes on a tab
  • We wrap the Telerik controls is a control
  • We Rebind when we change tab
  • We are running from Visual Studio in debug mode

Anyone have an idea of why we are seeing this poor performance and how to fix it?


WPF unload items that are not visible, which includes TabItems that are not currently selected, so I suspect the performance hit when switching tabs is due to all the items on the new tab being re-loaded.

I usually use an extended version of the TabControl which stops it from unloading/reloading it's content when you switch tabs. The code is found here

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