Is there a way to pass markup (in opposite to plain text) via composite component's attributes? Simply <composite:insertChildren> won't suffice, since the component rely on distinct text parameters. Passing tags via attributes as described in Include sub-element inside JSF 2.0 component does not work (invalid attribute content).


You need to declare it as <cc:facet> and render it as <cc:renderFacet>:

    <cc:facet name="foo" />
    <cc:renderFacet name="foo" />

This way you can specify it using <f:facet>:

    <f:facet name="foo">
        <p>Some <strong>HTML</strong> markup.</p>
  • Thank you, BalusC. To sum up: Facets are intended to supply literal content for rendering, while attributes are mere function parameters?
    – jpullmann
    Oct 31 '11 at 8:36

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