I'm trying to create a simple scope that sphinx will index (Ruby on Rails). The normal scope returns what it should, the sphinx scope returns no results.

define_index do
  # fields
  indexes :name
  indexes author
  indexes description
  indexes list_of_tags
  indexes approved

  # attributes
  has created_at, updated_at, downloads

  # delta indexing
  set_property :delta => true

  # weighting fields
  set_property :field_weights => {
    :name => 10,
    list_of_tags => 6,
    author => 5,
    description => 4,


normal scope:

scope :approved, where(:approved => true)

sphinx scope:

sphinx_scope(:approval_scope) {
  {:conditions => {:approved => "true"}}

Approved is a boolean field, however, since I'm indexing it as a field, I believe its value is treated as a String. Regardless, letting the value of the sphinx scope be "true" or true makes no difference - Theme.approval_score still returns 0 results unlike Theme.approval. I hope I'm missing something simple..


make the approved with has

define_index do
  # fields
  has approved


sphinx_scope(:approval_scope) {
  {:with => {:approved => true}}
  • 1
    Almost: use :approved => true in your sphinx scope. But yes, you definitely want approved to be an attribute, not a field.
    – pat
    Nov 3 '11 at 10:03
  • I'm pretty sure you need to use :with
    – anxiety
    Nov 4 '11 at 0:35

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