I am trying to find a linq query so I can write it in an if statement.

Pseudo code:

IDList is a list of ints List< int >

if (IDList.Contains (Object.Id)) Do something

but I can't seem to work out what need.

In none-linq this works:

  foreach(int id in IDList )
        if (id == Object.Id)

but I want it as one line if possible.

I first tried this:


but this throws a compile error

I'm wondering should it be one of these two?

  IDList.Any(id => id == Object.Id)


IDList.Exists(id => id == Object.Id);

I don't completely understand how the lambdas and things work or the difference between andy and exists so I'm not sure if I'm along the wrong line?

  • What you want to do can you explain that logically because this is not clear in the question – Ankur Oct 28 '11 at 12:27

You can simply do this:

if (MyList.Any(c => c.Id == MyObject.Id)) { }

Assuming that MyList is an IEnumerable<T> (or anything that derives from IEnumerable<T>) where T is an object that has a property named Id of the same type of the property Id on the MyObject instance.

 IDList.Any(id => id == Object.Id)

Is ok, it will return you true if at least one element, that satisfies your predicate, exists.

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