I am trying to mix doctrine 2 along with Zend framework, and I am using Zend auto loader. so All my Entities is looked like

TEST_ORM_Entities_User under TEST/ORM/Entites/User.php

but there is a problem with serialization since all proxies will look like

Pocks\ORM\Proxies\TEST_ORM_Entities_UserProxy under TEST/ORM/Proxies/TEST_ORM_Entities_UserProxy.php

So doctine can't find my proxy classes, and when I check my cache I found it corrupted

object(__PHP_Incomplete_Class)#175 (19) {
  string(46) "TEST\ORM\Proxies\TEST_ORM_Entities_UserProxy"

Any Idea how we can explicitly put the Proxy File Name, or solving this issue?

  • Use proper namespacing for your entities. I'm pretty sure this is mandatory in Doctrine 2 – Phil Oct 29 '11 at 5:48
  • That is exactly my question, naming between Zend and Doctrine, Entities are valid according to ZEND :) – Ehab Al-Hakawati Oct 29 '11 at 13:26

We ran into the same problem in the past, and ended up converting our application to use namespaces as well.

We still use Zend Framework 1.x and its pseudo-namespace convention, but all of our application classes are namespaced thanks to this fix.

Now our code looks like:


namespace Application\Form;
use Zend_Form as Form;

class UserForm extends Form
    // ...

And we can refer to this class by Application\Form\UserForm anywhere in the code, thanks to the autoloader fix!

  • Yeh, look like a good answer, but I create a different solution, I changed the proxies location (namespace) out of the Zend autoloader, so zend can't see my proxies anymore :) – Ehab Al-Hakawati Dec 4 '11 at 8:11

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