i've been thinking to use MongoDB for my next project (python), but for now, i don't understand which are the advantages of use NoSQL MongoDB against SQL.

Can you give some ideas or reasons of why to use NoSQL MongoDB?

Thanks in advance

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    possible duplicate of NoSql vs Relational database
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In this presentation there are some great points about using Mongodb link


Since MongoDB is a document oriented database like RavenDB maybe the following can give you an idea:

The schema-less nature makes it ideal to store dynamic data, such as CMS and CRM entities, which the end user can usually customize as necessary or semi structure data (provided by human). On top of that, Raven offers a powerful indexing mechanism, allowing you to define a Linq query as an index. Raven will take that query and execute it in the background, the result of that Linq query is immediately available as a view that you can query upon. We see Raven as appropriate for:

  1. Web Related Data, such as user sessions, shopping cart, etc. - Raven's document based nature means that you can retrieve and store all the data required to process a request in a single remote call.
  2. Dynamic Entities, such as user-customizable entities, entities with a large number of optional fields, etc. - Raven's schema free nature means that you don't have to fight a relational model to implement it.
  3. Persisted View Models - Instead of recreating the view model from scratch on every request, you can store it in its final form in Raven. That leads to reduced computation, reduced number of remote calls and improved overall performance.
  4. Large Data Sets - The underlying storage mechanism for Raven is known to scale in excess of 1 terabyte (on a single machine) and the non relational nature of the database makes it trivial to shard the database across multiple machines, something that Raven can do natively.

From: http://ravendb.net/documentation/docs-what-is-raven

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