I have modified my notebook's stylesheet to include a StyleData["Todo"] that inherits from StyleData["Item"]. It changes the cell dingbat to a checkbox. In the stylesheet editor:

Cell[StyleData["ToDo", StyleDefinitions -> StyleData["Item"]], 
    Dynamic[$CellContext`color$$], {RGBColor[1, 0.5, 0],RGBColor[0,Rational[2, 3], 0]},    
    Background -> Dynamic[$CellContext`color$$]], 
    DynamicModuleValues :> {}

The problem is that the state of the checkbox, when used in a notebook, is not saved between Mathematica sessions. I thought the DynamicModule[] would do the trick. How do I get the checkbox to remember its state?


Simon's solution does save the state of the checkbox, but the checkbox is clipped when used as a CellDingbat (MacOS X). Putting Simon's code in a CellFrameLabels options does the trick, and also keeps the default "Item" CellDingbat. Here is what I've gone with:

Cell[StyleData["ToDo", StyleDefinitions -> StyleData["Item"]],
     CheckboxBox[False], ButtonFunction :> (SelectionMove[
        ButtonNotebook[], All, ButtonCell]; 
      With[{$CellContext`new = ReplaceAll[
             ButtonNotebook[]], CellFrameLabels], CheckboxBox[
              Alternatives[True, False]]] :> CheckboxBox[
          ButtonNotebook[]], $CellContext`new]]; SelectionMove[
        ButtonNotebook[], After, CellContents]), Appearance -> None, 
     Method -> "Preemptive", Evaluator -> Automatic], None}, {
   None, None}},
  • Difficult. BTW you can replace $CellContext`color$$ by just colors if you set the Cell option CellContext->Cell – Sjoerd C. de Vries Oct 28 '11 at 22:11
  • When I pasted the code above I got the Message "An improperly formatted directive with head Symbol was encountered." Is that expected? – Mr.Wizard Oct 29 '11 at 3:26
  • @Mr. I got that too. – JxB Oct 29 '11 at 17:57

The problem with your code (I think) is that a new DynamicModule does not get created each time you create a new "ToDo" cell. So there is nowhere that the state of each Checkbox can get saved.

The simplest solution I could think of for storing the state of the Checkbox for each "ToDo" cell is to overwrite the CellDingbat the first time that the Checkbox is activated. (Other options I played with were using TaggingRules, toggling between "ToDo" and "ToDone" styles, etc...)

However, even a plain Checkbox in a CellDingbat does not store its state - try running the following then cycle the output through a Show Expression cycle.

CellPrint[Cell["test", "Text", CellDingbat -> ToBoxes[Checkbox[]]]]

To get around this, I used Checkbox with the definite argument True or False wrapped up in a button that changes the state. This is stupid and inefficient, but it works!

So, my code for the cell style

Cell[StyleData["ToDo", StyleDefinitions -> StyleData["Item"]],
 CellDingbat -> ButtonBox[CheckboxBox[False], 
   ButtonFunction :> (SelectionMove[ButtonNotebook[], All, ButtonCell]; 
     With[{$CellContext`new = ReplaceAll[
          Options[NotebookSelection[ButtonNotebook[]], CellDingbat], 
          CheckboxBox[Pattern[$CellContext`x, Alternatives[True, False]]] :> CheckboxBox[Not[$CellContext`x]]]}, 
        SetOptions[NotebookSelection[ButtonNotebook[]], $CellContext`new]]; 
      SelectionMove[ButtonNotebook[], After, CellContents]), 
    Appearance -> None, Method -> "Preemptive", Evaluator -> Automatic]]


I'm not happy with this solution, but it's the best I've come up with. An improvement would be to move the button function code out of the cell so that it is not repeated for every checked ToDo cell. Also to make it run without a ReplaceAll so that the kernel is not needed and the function can be run using just the frontend.

  • This is close. The checkbox button is clipped at the top, and so is the checkmark. I've tried numerous padding, margin and size options to both the button, the cell, the checkbox, to no avail. – JxB Oct 29 '11 at 16:57
  • Using CellFrameLabels works. See edit above. – JxB Oct 29 '11 at 17:58
  • @JxB: It looks fine for me - but different operating systems display these things differently. I've posted a screen shot of it on my system (Ubuntu 11.10, Mathematica 8.01) – Simon Oct 29 '11 at 22:00

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