Is there a way to show console of putty in console of Notepad++ (NppExec)?

I am editing files in remote server in Notepad++ with help of WinSCP. And executing console programs from putty console. As I can use cmd inside NppExec, is there any way to use putty's console inside Notpad++?

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(Very late answer but it may help people who are looking for an answer)

What you are looking for is:

  1. A plugin to run commands (NppExec that I use a lot, or NppConsole)
  2. The batch version of putty available on Putty website: plink
  3. If your remote machine is under a Linux system, a tool to convert from Linux to Windows: ansicon
  4. Copy the executable in some folder and put this folder in your path
  5. Restart Notepad++
  6. Run the command ansicon.exe plink.exe -ssh user@location -pw yourpasword (F6 key for NppExec)

... And that's it!

PS: Thanks a lot to Svenn for the post on his blog

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    This going to open putty from Notepad ++ , no more no less, I believe what opp ment is, to transfer/run scripts from Notepat++ in to putty, or in this case in to plink. without copy paste. for instance as PyNPP plugin does for Python script – Zaza Feb 1 '17 at 2:46
  • Will it open putty in a new window or run ssh commands from within Notepad++ console? – SMUsamaShah Mar 26 '18 at 22:05
  • It will open in the Notepadd+ console (NppExec console to be precise) – Jean-Francois T. Mar 26 '18 at 23:48

I know this thread is incredibly dead and i hate to necro, but i felt like this was worth it to share.

You can also download the Notepad++ Console Plugin which is (imo) a cleaner solution to using ssh when you have putty installed. It will of course also work as just a command prompt for windows.

When you have this plugin installed you can open up an ssh connection using
ssh username@destination.com
which will open up a TTY.

  • Is there any way multiple such console windows can be open? Thanks – Abhishek Vasisht Aug 23 '15 at 18:15

You can use plink.exe utility. Just run this utility from command line. Try to find this utility in folder with Putty.


I think I found a real improvement over the last answers: I have just tried out NppFTP which is available from the plugins list inside NotePad++ (Plugins --> Plugin Manager and select NppFTP). It does the job, just plain and neat.

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