How to know which version of XPATH and XSLT am I using...?

Say I have installed JDK 1.7 then which version of XPATH and XSLT do I have..?

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    How are you invoking XPath/XSLT? There's more than one way in Java. – LarsH Oct 31 '11 at 14:38

In XSLT, call system-property('xsl:version'). It will return 1.0 or 2.0 depending on whether you are using a 1.0 or 2.0 processor.

In XPath, there's no direct equivalent. But a quick test is to call current-date() with no arguments. If this succeeds, you have a 2.0 processor, if it fails, you have a 1.0 processor.

Unless you take steps to install a 2.0 processor such as Saxon on your class path or in the endorsed library, the XSLT processor that the JDK gives you will (today) be a 1.0 processor.

  • On which object i have to call current-date() ..? I am using Jdk8. – Kanagavelu Sugumar Mar 6 '17 at 11:43
  • current-date() is an XPath 2.0 function. It takes no arguments. XPath functions are not called "on an object". – Michael Kay Mar 6 '17 at 12:35
  • In java javax.xml.xpath.XPath don't have such static method. Is that means i am using 1.0 version ..? – Kanagavelu Sugumar Mar 6 '17 at 12:52
  • It's not a Java method, it's an XPath function. You don't call it from Java, you include the call in your XPath expression. – Michael Kay Mar 7 '17 at 12:42
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    <xsl:value-of select="system-property('xsl:version')"/> – Apurva Singh Oct 3 '17 at 14:39

Well if you use Java then you have a choice of XSLT and XPath processors. The one built-in in the JDK (I only know of 1.6 but I don't think it has changed in 1.7) is Apache Xalan which is an XSLT and XPath 1.0 processor. There however third party solutions like Saxon 9 which support XSLT and XPath 2.0. And there are certainly additional XQuery 1.0 implementations for Java, as XPath 2.0 is a subset of XQuery 1.0, you have further choices if you are interested in XPath 2.0.



java com.sun.org.apache.xalan.internal.xslt.EnvironmentCheck

For example for me this prints

#---- BEGIN writeEnvironmentReport($Revision: 1.10 $): Useful stuff found: ----
version.xalan2_2=Xalan Java 2.7.0
version.xerces2=Xerces-J 2.7.1
#----- END writeEnvironmentReport: Useful properties found: -----
# YAHOO! Your environment seems to be OK.
    XSLT Version = <xsl:copy-of select="system-property('xsl:version')"/>
    XSLT Vendor = <xsl:copy-of select="system-property('xsl:vendor')"/>
    XSLT Vendor URL = <xsl:copy-of select="system-property('xsl:vendor-url')"/>

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