I've been searching in the examples on the GitHub but I couldn't find how to load a simple css file into my layout. My first thought was doing something like this link(href="my.css") but it seems it's not working at all. The href points to a correct location online (checked and working) thus maybe I'm forgetting something?

  • What does the generated HTML look like? – thejh Oct 31 '11 at 15:52

try: link(rel='stylesheet', href='/stylesheets/style.css')


I think you need to include the relationship. Try

link(rel='stylesheet', href='my.css')


You need to add the type:

link(rel='stylesheet', href='my.css', type='text/css' )

if you're using Jade with connect-assets, you can just use:

!= css('stylesheetName')

where stylesheetName.css is in your assets/css/ directory.

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