See this post on csssprites forum and this example.

I have an image (created using SmartSprites), that has incorrect colors caused by SmartSprites. The difference in colors is only observed when viewing this image in IE8.

When I open this image in Paint.NET and simply save it again (in 32bits color), it is "fixed".

I notice that my original image is 373 bytes, and after SmartSprites it's 339 bytes - so some bytes were lost ... but then opening and saving via Paint.NET enlarges it to 391 bytes, and "restores the missing information" somehow.

  • What is going on here?
  • Was information really lost when running SmartSprites?
  • (Obviously not, because Paint.NET was able to restore it).
  • What did Paint.NET do to restore it?
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    Kinda sounds like a classic case of a color profile being embedded in the PNG and IE freaking out... but I thought they fixed that in IE7.
    – Charles
    Oct 31, 2011 at 18:37


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