Here's the scenario

Oh ye javascript gods! One for those who still remember trigonometry from school ;-)

See the link below, I'm essentially trying to center some content however the normal screenwidth-divwidth/2 style equation isn't working because of the angles.

only in firefox right now http://jsbin.com/uruvub/2/

Thanks very much!


First imagine a "red coordinate system" attached to the top left corner of you red box, with red y-axix given by the top border of the red box and going right, and the red y-axis given by left border of the red box and going down. The displacement (d_x, d_y) of the grey box in this red coordinate system is:

d_x = (W - w) / 2,   W = width of red box, w = width of grey box
d_y = (H - h) / 2,   H = height of red box, h = height of grey box

The same displacement vector (d_x, d_y) is valid for the top right corner of the green box.

Now, we need to express this vector (d_x, d_y) in the "black coordinate system" given by your X-axis and Y-axis. The red system system can be transformed into the black system by the rotation by the angle a (your designated angle) and a shift of the origin. The rotated vector is

D_x = d_x * cos(a) - d_y * sin(a)
D_y = d_x * sin(a) + d_y * cos(a)

This is the displacement in the black system with respect to the top left corner of the red box expressed in the black system.

Remark: Perhaps you need to change a to -a in the above formula depending on the sense of the rotation.

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