Consider a view with a button. We can drag a connection from this button to some other view controller, create a segue in IB and we are happy. What if I need a segue that is performed upon some event, say, network progress, and that is unrelated to any user actions? For now I'm placing a button, drag a segue from this button, hide the button, assign an identifier to a segue and somewhere in the code i perform this segue. However, I think that placing a dummy button is not a right way. Possibly I'm missing something using storyboards, could you please help me to understand this?

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Create your segue by ctrl dragging from your view controller to your next view. Then to call your segue, call:

[self performSegueWithIdentifier: @"SegueToScene1" sender: self];

Make sure you give your segue a name in the storyboard.

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    Ctrl-dragging from the view controller to the next view was the missing piece, thanks!
    – zrslv
    Feb 4, 2013 at 1:10

You can use performSegueWithIdentifier: method to force the transition to a new view, based on some criteria. When you call this, it will also automatically call prepareForSegue: (which is usually called when the storyboard is about to transition to a new view).

I wrote a post about controlling pushing views here which should cover most of what you're talking about.

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