I'll try to provide as much context as possible.

Been trying to override Mage_GoogleShopping_Model_Attribute_Link for 2 days now but I'm unable to get Magento to pickup my version of the file.

Mage_GoogleShopping_Model_Attribute_Link class is in app/code/core/Mage/GoogleShopping/Model/Attribute/Link.php

I put my class Safoo_Froogle_GoogleShopping_Model_Attribute_Link in /app/code/local/Safoo/Froogle/GoogleShopping/Model/Attribute/Link.php

Then my config.xml:


(Note the Helper Rewrite above works perfectly.)

I debugged the call to the Link model in Mage_GoogleShopping_Model_Type::_createAttribute

protected function _createAttribute($name)
    $modelName = 'googleshopping/attribute_' . $this->_prepareModelName($name);
    $useDefault = false;
    Mage::log(get_class(Mage::getModel($modelName)  )); 
    try {
        $attributeModel = Mage::getModel($modelName);
        $useDefault = !$attributeModel;
    } catch (Exception $e) {
        $useDefault = true;
    if ($useDefault) {
        $attributeModel = Mage::getModel('googleshopping/attribute_default');

    return $attributeModel;

And this is the result of the 2 log statements:

2011-11-01T06:57:17+00:00 DEBUG (7): googleshopping/attribute_Link 2011-11-01T06:57:17+00:00 DEBUG (7): Mage_GoogleShopping_Model_Attribute_Link

So Mage::getModel('googleshopping/attribute_Link') is still fetching Mage_GoogleShopping_Model_Attribute_Link.

The only way I've been able to override the class is to copy the Link.php file into the corresponding local directory: app/code/local/Mage/GoogleShopping/Model/Attribute/Link.php but wanted to avoid that.

Just not working. My Helper Overload works. And I thought I should be able to override this class just like shown here:



Any ideas?

  • +! for a well asked rewrite question – Alan Storm Nov 1 '11 at 18:31

You've uncovered a bug in the Mage_GoogleShopping_Model_Type class that's preventing your rewrite from being applied. Based on your debugging, here's the code that eventually gets called to instantiate a model


Although it's not enforced everywhere in code, it's a well established guideline that all class aliases ('googleshopping/attribute_Link' is a class alias) should be lowercase. Because of the capital letter L in attribute_Link, when Magento looks for the class name to use in a rewrite, it searches for a node named with a capital L.


Fortunately, you can work around this. Just make your config.xml rewrite section look like this, and your rewrite should work


This way you'll catch instantiations in the form Mage::getModel('googleshopping/attribute_Link') AND in the form Mage::getModel('googleshopping/attribute_link').

For future reference, when you're debugging rewrites, the


method in


is where Magento does its lookup for class rewrites.

  • The capital L did not look write to me either! I thought I tried the capital L in config.xml but let me try again and clear cache. – safoo Nov 1 '11 at 19:34
  • This worked. Thanks for the tip on catching both model calls and looking up class rewrites. I was expecting it to be something so simple. – safoo Nov 1 '11 at 20:35

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