I can create a minimal web application by using the maven-archetype-webapp .

Now I want to make my webapp Spring-Web-MVC powered.

Can I directly modify my POM, and how?

What's the best practices for the folder structure, and so on?

Can you show me a spring web mvc archetype, or a hello world example?

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The STS (Spring Source Tool Suite) ships with the Spring Template Project, this project wizard will create a simple Spring MVC webapp + maven support.

Hope this helps

You can refer the step-by-step instructions, under the below link. http://webapptutorials.wordpress.com/category/spring-mvc/

Maven Overlays document describes in great detail how web application should be structured using Maven. Here you'll find my simple Spring MVC showcase (REST-oriented).

Of course you are allowed to modify pom.xml (if the file is so complicated that users are afraid to modify it, then there must be something wrong with Maven...)

The only Spring-specific convention is to place general applicationContext.xml file under /WEB-INF - but this can be easily overridden.

You may also want to look using appfuse to bootstrap your spring-mvc application.

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