I have a Delphi app where I display a list of games that have been played from a query like this:

select  g.*, gt.id, gt.descr 
from GAMES g 
inner join game_types gt on gt.id = g.game_type
order by game_date DESC

When I click the delete button in the DBNavigator, the joined record from the game_types table is also deleted. That's a problem because many other games can be of the same type.

What do I need to do to make it so that only the game is deleted but not the game type?

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You need to use the Unique Table dynamic property

ADOQuery1.Properties['Unique Table'].Value := 'GAMES';

From the MSDN ADO Documentation

If the Unique Table dynamic property is set, and the Recordset is the result of executing a JOIN operation on multiple tables, then the Delete method will only delete rows from the table named in the Unique Table property.

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    If you need to get really fancy with your updates, you can use the TUpdateSQL component and assign it to the UpdateObject of your query component. Commented Nov 2, 2011 at 16:01

You need to set TADODataset's "Unique Table" property after opening your dataset.

ADODataset.Properties['Unique Table'].Value := 'GAMES';

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