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I have the following string: "aaaabbbb"

How can I get the last four characters and store them in a string using Python?

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Like this:

>>>mystr = "abcdefghijkl"

This slices the string's last 4 characters. The -4 starts the range from the string's end. A modified expression with [:-4] removes the same 4 characters from the end of the string:


For more information on slicing see this Stack Overflow answer.

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    I remember it like this, -4 is short hand for (length - 4) – adnan2nd Sep 16 '18 at 15:21
  • +1, this is pure gold... There I was faffing around with len(str(p)) - str(p[len(str(reversed(str(p))).split(' ', 1))[0])], len(str(p)), 2) to get the last n letters of p based on the first space. Useless and doesn't even work. – Benj Apr 9 at 16:38
str = "aaaaabbbb"
newstr = str[-4:]

See : http://codepad.org/S3zjnKoD

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