In Windows when one is in Windows Explorer and right clicks a file or directory, a Windows context menu appears with all of the actions that one can do regarding this file or directory.

Way back in the day, Brad Stowers wrote a unit ItemProp.pas that did the exact same thing within one's own Delphi application. This unit works great through Delphi 5, but for D7 and above, a lot of errors are thrown.


Okay! I admit it! I AM lazy and have Googled for an updated unit and even one like this, have worked for a couple hours trying to make this unit at least D7 compatible but I guess I am missing something somewhere as I have not been successful in any endeavor regarding this.

So... my question is, has anyone updated this unit for D7 and above OR does a unit or component exist that does what this code does?

Thanks in advance!



I suspect all that is needed is to update the compiler version directives in DFS.inc

I added


to the main file (ItemProp.pas), and it compiled OK on Delphi 2007, but I haven't tried running the code yet.

  • JEESH! I saw something similar to this in one of the googled files that I did find and was "added for D5" but the code presented had the included dfs.inc removed, {$I DFS.INC} was removed and of course it failed to compile. I should have thought ahead but I am losing my Delphi programming skills. THANK-YOU! – John Nov 3 '11 at 4:25
  • @John: Good to see that you found the check mark and accepted Gerry's answer. It is part of what makes SO work. Did you realize that apart from accepting the answer you can also upvote it? – Marjan Venema Nov 3 '11 at 8:07
  • Thanks Marjan. I tried last night but it said I needed more 'points' or something. This AM it allowed me to upvote it. – John Nov 3 '11 at 14:39

Instead of translate this unit you can use the updated JEDI JCL library, check the JclShell unit, inside of this unit exist a function called DisplayContextMenu whcih shows the shell context menu for a File.

function DisplayContextMenu(const Handle: HWND; const FileName: string;
  Pos: TPoint): Boolean;
  • I searched JEDI too figuring they had to have something like this. With a gazillion components, I missed it as usual. Thanks everyone! – John Nov 3 '11 at 14:40

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