I have model

class CreatedMixin(object):

    __abstract__ = True

    def created_by(cls):
        return Column(Integer, ForeignKey('user.user_id',
                      onupdate="cascade", ondelete="restrict"))

    def updated_by(cls):
        return Column(Integer, ForeignKey('user.user_id',
                      onupdate="cascade", ondelete="restrict"))

    created_at = Column(DateTime, nullable=False, default=dt.now())
    updated_at = Column(DateTime, nullable=False, default=dt.now(),

class Net(Base, CreatedMixin):
    """Net or subnet."""

    cidr = Column(postgresql.CIDR, index = True)
    description = Column(UnicodeText())

    parent_id = Column(Integer, ForeignKey('net.id'))
    parent = relationship("Net", remote_side="Net.id")

   def __init__(self, cidr=''):
       self.cidr = cidr

   def __repr__(self):
       return "%s" % self.cidr

To autofill fields created_by and update_by I use sqlalchemy.orm.events.MapperEvents (SQLAlchemy 0.7) like this:

def created_before_insert_listener(mapper, connection, target):
    # execute a stored procedure upon INSERT,
    # apply the value to the row to be inserted
    #target.calculated_value = connection.scalar(
    #                            "select my_special_function(%d)" 
    #                            % target.special_number)
    target.updated_by = 1

# associate the listener function with CreatedMixin,
# to execute during the "before_insert" hook
event.listen(CreatedMixin, 'before_insert', created_before_insert_listener)

But after run app, got the following error but is not mapped

sqlalchemy.orm.exc.UnmappedClassError: Class 'myapp.model.Net' 

What's wrong?

  • The information you provided is not enough to find the source of error. Please post traceback here. Is Base class created properly? Is module myapp.model imported before code causing error is executed? – Denis Otkidach Nov 3 '11 at 9:14
  • I noticed that the models no longer be determined after the upgrade to 0.7 version. When I initialization database through paster setup-app on 0.6 version work fine, but 0.7 doesn't create table. – uralbash Nov 3 '11 at 10:24

The problem was quite simple, I use an Mixin in my models and inadvertently added to the basic model of property __abstract__ = True


from sqlalchemy import *
from sqlalchemy.ext.declarative import declarative_base
from sqlalchemy.orm import sessionmaker, scoped_session

engine = create_engine('sqlite:///:memory:', echo=True)
Base = declarative_base(bind=engine)
Session = scoped_session(sessionmaker(engine))

class Mix(object):
    __abstract__ = True
    id =  Column(Integer, autoincrement=True, primary_key=True)

class User(Base, Mix):
    __tablename__ = 'users'

    name = Column(String)
    fullname = Column(String)
    password = Column(String)


u = User()
print u

But in SQLAlchemy 0.6 it works fine. Perhaps this is a bug of 0.6. Update: for more information SQLAlchemy abstract

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