I'm trying to program a game for android phones. Anyway I have to check any of my minor changes on my code. But I have only 5MB of file and only using SurfaceView to draw not even GLSurfaceView(So I think because of I'm not using OpenGL:3D stuff and just drawing bitmaps it should be faster. I'm not sure because it wasn't fast in C/BorlandC 8D) and android emulator is that much slow It kills me of waiting. I tried to not use all of my bitmaps so it can upload and install faster. But how about FPS ????? I get 5-10 fps which I need 20 for my game. plus some times I can't get all the bitmap that should be drawn by emulator(Example: If I have 10 fps in 5 of that I can't see half of my bitmaps...) I can't check what's going on in my game! So if there is a better way please tell me. I read some peoples are using their android phone as emulator is that really faster? If so I'll get one. Some other says using windows XP is the best way, is there no FPS problem with it? In that case I have to use virtual machine. Thank you for any reply!

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    You need to narrow down the scope of this question. Seems like you aren't sure which problem needs solving first... Nov 3, 2011 at 16:29
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    The android emulator is WAY too slow. Just plug your android device and test on real time.
    – K-ballo
    Nov 3, 2011 at 16:29
  • The only problem is emulator's performance there is no more problem. I don't have any android device right now. My friends doesn't either. If it really works I'll buy one. Nov 3, 2011 at 16:33
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    Buying an Android device is your only solution. Unfortunately the Android emulator is very slow, because it emulates a whole ARM-CPU. Nov 3, 2011 at 16:42

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There is a fairly easy option. You can use VirtualBox to run a virtual machine and then install androidx86 (http://www.android-x86.org/) as an operating system. I have tried it myself and the performance is almost perfect.

There is a complete guide here http://androidspin.com/2011/01/24/howto-install-android-x86-2-2-in-virtualbox/

EDIT - once the VM is up and running, you will also need to connect to the VM. Press Alt-F1 and type netcfg to get the VM IP (should be 10.0 something). Then on your host machine cd to the android tools directory and type ./adb connect <VM IP>:5555


I have noticed that there is a software named "Bluestacks" it's even supports OpenGL ES and you get all the FPS you want. So it's perfect match for android developers. Of course it's free too:this is the web site you can download happy coding...

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