I have tons of checkboxes that are either checked (checked="checked") or unchecked.

I would like to get the number of all checkboxes, unchecked and checked checkboxes.

With check-box I mean <input type="checkbox" />.

How to do it with jQuery? Thanks in advance!

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You could do:

var numberOfChecked = $('input:checkbox:checked').length;
var totalCheckboxes = $('input:checkbox').length;
var numberNotChecked = totalCheckboxes - numberOfChecked;


Or even simple

var numberNotChecked = $('input:checkbox:not(":checked")').length;

The following code worked for me.


Assume that you have a tr row with multiple checkboxes in it, and you want to count only if the first checkbox is checked.

You can do that by giving a class to the first checkbox

For example class='mycxk' and you can count that using the filter, like this

  • I prefer this answer in my case because I can define the let myCheckboxList = $('.mycxk'); to reuse it after this myCheckboxList.filter(':checked').length. – Sadiel May 10 at 14:50

There are multiple methods to do that:

Method 1:


Method 2:


Method 3:


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