Ok my question is simple: How do I start working with 2D graphics on android? Untill now,I found on the how to make almost anything on Android,however with graphics I see is harder.

On the android sdk website,I get some simple codes that don't really help me,and I also searched for a book,guess what,I didn't find one that actually shows you how to make a little game explaining me what does every line of code.

So: How do I start working with 2D graphics? I'm interested because I want to make some games.I would be very happy to find a tutorial for ex. that shows you how to make a little character that just jumps over a box.I know you need an engine and all that stuff,and I would actually want to learn how to make a little engine.

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libGDX runs on Android (and a few other platforms) and provides high level 2D graphics features like sprites, fonts, tile maps, particles, etc.

Tutorials here.

A few complete demo games with source code here.


Here's a whole series that seems pretty decent, and starts from the beginning.

Also, the techniques of "generic" 2D programming apply, so general-purpose game engine information is useful as well.


If you are interested in android games(2d), I recommend this book http://www.amazon.com/dp/1430230428/


The following book is very good for learning 2d graphics in Android. "Android 2D graphics with Canvas API".


It is not for game developers though.

It teaches how to use graphics primitives and work with different coordinate systems. It also has a chapter on multithreading. It has many simple examples good for beginners.


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