I have a tree structure with a parent field. Currently I am trying to get all parent nodes to display the path to the current node.

Basically I am doing a while-loop to process all nodes.

$current = $node->getParent();
while($current) {
  // do something
  $current = $current->getParent();

Using the default findById method works. Because the entity has some aggregated fields, I am using a custom repository method, to load all basic fields with one query.

public function findNodeByIdWithMeta($id) {
    return $this->getEntityManager()
            SELECT p, a, c, cc, ca, pp FROM
            TestingNestedObjectBundle:NestedObject p
            JOIN p.actions a
            LEFT JOIN p.children c
            LEFT JOIN c.children cc
            LEFT JOIN c.actions ca
            LEFT JOIN p.parent pp
            WHERE p.id = :id
        ->setParameter('id', $id)

With that code, loading the parents fails. I only get the immediate parent (addressed by LEFT JOIN p.parent pp) but not the parents above. E.g. $node->getParent()->getParent() returns null.

Whats wrong with my code? Did I misunderstood the lazy loading thing?

Thanks a lot, Hacksteak

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    You've checked that $node->getParent() actually has a parent in the database, I presume? – Problematic Mar 5 '12 at 16:15
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    Have you taken a look at doctrine nested set functionality? It sounds very similar to what you are asking. github.com/doctrine/doctrine1-documentation/blob/master/manual/… – Mike Purcell Mar 16 '12 at 6:23
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    Can you share your database model – Stephen Senkomago Musoke Mar 17 '12 at 10:31
  • For database performance and scalability, joins are the devil. This one is going to get really slow in a hurry as you database grows. Consider denormalizing it. – Joseph Lust Mar 19 '12 at 16:46
  • Oh damn, has been a long time since my last vist. Thanks for the replies. In the mean time I solved the described situation by using the gedmo tree extension. But the main question is still unsolved... why did lazy loading fail by using the shown query? I'll look if I have still the sources to post them... – hacksteak25 Jun 17 '12 at 14:34

It looks like your are using the adjacency model for storing trees in a relational database. Which in turn means, that you will need a join for every level to get all ancestors with a single query.

As you are already using the Doctrine Extension Library I recommend to have a look at the Tree component.

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My Answer involves not using DQL and instead creating a NestedSetManager which has access to your DBAL connection so you can use SQL. I never felt like the ORM's did a good job with NestedSets query logic.

With a NestedSetManager, you can then write a bunch of clean methods and it's really simple because all these queries are well documented. See this link. Some of the method in my NestedSetManager are:

// And many more 

You can have a ball and create a lot of create NestedSet functionality if you're not tied down by an ORM's somewhat complex functionality.

Also -- Symfony2 makes all this really really easy. You create your NestedSetManager class file and reference it in your Services.yml and pass in your Dbal connection. Mine looks like this:

        class: Acme\CoreBundle\Manager\NestedSetManager
        arguments: [ @database_connection ]

you can then access your nestedsets with:

$path = $this->get('manager.nestedset')->setNode(4)->getNodePath(); // in your controller

Moral of the story, ORM/NestedSets drove me bonkers and this solution work really well. If you're being forced to use DQL and have no other options, this answer probably wont be acceptable.

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