I am pretty new to regular expressions. I need to clean up a search string from spaces at the beginning and the end. Example: " search string " Result: "search string"

I have a pattern that works as a javascript solution but I cant get it to work on PHP using preg_replace:

Javascript patern that works:


My example:

$string = preg_replace( '/^[\s]*(.*?)[\s]*$/si', '', " search string " );
print $string; //returns nothing

On parse it tells me that g is not recognized so I had to remove it and change the ig to si.


If it's only white-space, why not just use trim()?


Yep, you should use trim() I guess.. But if you really want that regex, here it is:

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    thanks this solution works as well: preg_replace( '/^((?=^)(\s*))|((\s*)(?>$))/si', '', " asd asd " ); – Alex Nov 5 '11 at 19:53

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