I need to extract the codec properties like bit rate frames resolution file format of video captures from camcorder.

  • yes.. after capturing the video i need to retrive the video properties. – RanjitRock Nov 7 '11 at 10:18

Check out https://ffmpeg.org/, https://github.com/tanersener/mobile-ffmpeg#22-android

One way would be: ffmpeg -i myfile.mp4


ffprobe can used to list the properties of streams available in the video.

ffprobe -i <input_file_path> -show_streams

Above command list codec properties such as codec_name, codec_long_name, codec_type etc., of each stream individually.

Refer this stackoverflow answer for more info.

https://github.com/bravobit/FFmpeg-Android - FFMpeg/FFprobe compiled for Android.


If you consider GStreamer, please see gst-discover-1.0 https://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/documentation/tutorials/basic/gstreamer-tools.html#gstdiscoverer10


You can using Termux in android for get codec properties of video after recorded.

  1. Install Termux App GooglePlay
  2. Install the FFmpeg package Open the Termux app from the launcher. You will be introduced to a console environment. Enter the following command:

pkg install -y ffmpeg

Show codec properties:

ffmpeg -i yourfile

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