Does Tortoisegit work with PortableGit-x.x.x.x-previewyyyyyy? If yes, how to arrange these?


Original answer (Nov. 2011)

It depends on your Os (Win32 or 64), and on the combination of TortoiseGit and msysgit.
The latest versions of both should usually work together, but you can see some bugs still pending:

  • Issue 948: TortoiseProc crashes when repo contains huge files
  • Issue 875: TGitCache crash

Whenever you have a similar issue, report it on the bug list, and look for an intermediate build.
The very latest ones, for instance, supposed to fix the current crashes, are:

Update Nov. 2015: TortoiseGit works with git-for-windows (msys2) which replaces msysgit.

Both git-for-windows and GitHub Desktop now propose Git 2.5(+)
(GitHub Desktop includes Portable Git 2.5 since this morning)


TortoiseGit (as of 2.8) requires a command-line git.exe.

It works with a variety of different "git.exe providers". Known to work are:

You can mix x86 and x64 versions of Git.exe and TortoiseGit. However, x64 TorotiseGit will only run on x64 Windows, same for the 32-bit/x86 version of TortoiseGit which will only run on x86 Windows.

TortoiseGit tries to find a Git for Windows installation or tries to find a git.exe on the PATH environment variable. If git.exe is not on your PATH, you can also set the path to git.exe manually in TortoiseGit settings dialog on the general page.

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