I have a UITableViewController with a number of rows. When selecting a row, it expands/collapses, by increasing the height of the row.

Now my question is, how do I only make the 'select' action apply to a certain rect? For example, if each row in my tableview is 70, and then for each sub-element in the row I expand the total row hieght by 60 * number of subelements - I only want height 0 - 70 to be 'selectable', the sub-members of the row should not be. How do you do this?



It can be done using touch events, but as you are already using UITableView it seems easier (and more iPhonish) to use what tables provides you:


Search a sample called "Table View Animations and Gestures" in the documentation. Just load the reference for UITableView and you'll see it on the bottom left corner sidebar.

To make non-selectable rows just change its cell selectionStyle to UITableViewCellSelectionStyleNone.

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