How can I set something like corner radius for the default rectangle which appears when an item is hovered?


Your question is a bit non-specific, which is why people are down voting you.

If you're talking about a Flex Button; the rounded corners on roll-over are part of an FXG asset; which is not changed by use of the cornerRadius style. At least in the mobile skin; I imagine the desktop skin is similar.

We put together a mobile skin that will create a square button; and something that should have been trivial took a few days. It's available as part of the Flextras Mobile Flex Components Package and usable for free.

Here is a sample we put together to show the button differences.

You can use in a non-mobile project at your own risk, though.


Trival in Flex3.
You did not specify what you are styling so this is how I would style a button

    cornerRadius: 10;

<mx:Button id='btn' styleName='mybtnnormal />

// or in ActionScript
btn.styleName = 'roundedbtn';

// or without the styles
<mx:Button cornerRadius="10" />

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