I have a multi site Sitecore installation. I am trying to create an email that gets sent out that contains links back to the Sitecore editor for each item. I have it all working except the correct domain name. Given an item ID how would I use the API to get the domain for that item? For example - I want to produce a URL like the following:

http://www.mySite1.com/sitecore/shell/sitecore/content/Applications/Content Editor.aspx?id=id

The only part I'm not sure about is how to programmatically retrieve the "www.mySite1.com" part. Any ideas? I can never find stuff like this in the Sitecore API although I am sure it is there somewhere.

  • I'm not sure that that functionality is in there... at least not in the earlier version of Sitecore 6. Sitecore is more or less built to be a single domain solution, though you can overcome most of the problems with it. But this problem usually requires some custom code to give you the correct domain. – Holger Nov 9 '11 at 12:42

I am assuming you have multiple sites set up in the <sites> section of your web.config file and that each one has a hostName property defined e.g.

<site name="website1" hostName="website1.com" ...
<site name="website2" hostName="website2.com" ...

You can use the SiteManager class to access info about each sites including the hostName


.. if you are running in a Sitecore page you can access the currently running Site object using


Hope this helps :)


I think there are a few approaches for you:

  1. In your <linkManager> config, set alwaysIncludeServerUrl to true so calls to GetItemUrl() have absolute full URLs.

  2. Set the barely documented targetHostName attribute on the <site ... /> node in your web.config and ensure the Sitecore config setting Rendering.SiteResolving is set to true. This should then resolve the correct target hostname given the site in context.


I'm not sure this will work in a multi site environment but you could call Sitecore.Globals.ServerUrl. If this wont work you can get the hostname by calling Sitecore.Context.Site.HostName, Sitecore.Context.Site.TargetHostName or Sitecore.Context.Site.Properties["hostName"] if you access it via a page as previously mentioned.

  • I have multi domains that one for sitecore, one for other third party app. They share the same sitecore content for navigation banner. When navigate to the third party app, I need to use Sitecore.Globals.ServerUrl to get back to 'HOME' url which is the main sitecore domain. – Ryan Huang Aug 2 '18 at 18:12

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