I have a java project in Jdeveloper, but I want to migrate this project to a eclipse java project, Do you know how to do that?, or Do I have to import it manually?.

Thanks in advance.

  • Usually keywords Import... in your menu panel will help. – JMelnik Nov 8 '11 at 19:16

Typically projects have a structure if it is a web based project or a java project, it has its structure , you should be able to import your project using File -> import. There could be specific properties file that were part of JDeveloper that you may want to ignore or manually delete them before importing it.


File/Import/Existing Projects into Workspace.

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    It doesn't work, because the project wasn't configured in eclipse – Dagosi Nov 8 '11 at 21:01

Maybe you could try to make empty Java project. After that open file browser, go to workspace directory (in my computer this is under /home/biske/workspace), find this empty project and copy source from JDeveloper project into this newly created empty Java project.


Steps, I took after some searching and seeing this answer to migrate jdeveloper application to eclipse is following :

  1. Importing project as File System into WorkSpace.
  2. Adding Folder... Java Build path > Source. for me which was folder public_html and src (you can rename them as per your need).
  3. Add library's from application which was WEB-INF/lib for me.
  4. Select appropriate Server for me, it was Apache version from Project Facets > Runtimes (also change dynamic web module, java, javascript as per you need).

Now, Just solve remain compile time and run time error. that's it.

hope this is helpful

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