What I'm trying to do: I have a div that I generate and hide on page load. When specific elements on the page are moused over, I want to display the div as a tool tip above the element. I had added a 'ToolTipRequired' class to all the elements on the page that require this functionality and am binding hoverintent on page load.

My Code:

jQuery(document).ready(function () {
    jQuery('.ToolTipRequired').each(function () {
        jQuery(this).hoverIntent({ over: function (event) {
                var toolTip = jQuery('#ToolTipDiv');

                // xCoord = (destination - ((toolTip width - 14px padding either side of image) / 2)) + (destination width / 2);
                var xCoord = event.pageX - ((toolTip.width() - 28) / 2) - 15;
                // yCoord = destination - (toolTip height - 14px padding top and 10px padding bottom)
                var yCoord = event.pageY - (toolTip.height() - 25) - 15;

                // need to show the tool tip first so that we can set it's offset
                toolTip.offset({ left: xCoord, top: yCoord });
        timeout: 500,
        out: function () {

Problem: 10% of the time this works beautifully, the other 90% the tool tip div flashes, that is, it hides and shows infinitely even if the mouse remains still. It seems like the mouseover and mouseout events are endlessly firing. I was told the use of hoverintent would rectify this problem but it doesn't seem to have made a difference. Does anyone have any idea?


Try using mouseenter and mouseleave instead ,

$('.ToolTipRequired').mouseenter( function (event) {
 }).mouseleave( function (event) {
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Got this problem once, you can use this :

jQuery('.ToolTipRequired').hover(function(){/*OnmouseIn*/}, function(){/*onMouseOut*/});
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