I have installed SSL for my website http://digitalexperts.net. The website is based on Drupal 7, for which I don't need SSL. But I also have WHMCS installed on my website in a folder named billing. The path is http://digitalexperts.net/billing

Now I want http://digitalexperts.net/billing/* to permanently redirect to https://.... I also want the rest of the website to permanently redirect to non SSL version.

What is the best solution to this problem?

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    Using HTTPS throughout, perhaps? – Boldewyn Nov 9 '11 at 10:46

An easier solution would be to set the "WHMCS SSL System URL" on the General tab under General Settings. That way your site will remain as https, however your /billing folder will be https.

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    Should one of the above https have been an http? – Jon Egerton Jan 4 '12 at 10:40

Try with htaccess:

//301 Redirect Entire Directory

RedirectMatch 301 http://digitalexperts.net/billing/(.*) https://digitalexperts.net/billing/$1

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