I'm implementing Open Graph on website.

As mentionned on Facebook insights documentation, it's allowed to put meta like this one :

meta property="fb:page_id" content="your_page_id"

But the Facebook debugger tool showed an error :

Extraneous Property: Objects of this type do not allow properties named fb:page_id.

Other websites seems to have the same error like Mashable.com

In other hand, on another documentation page, the page administration seems to be only working with fb:admins and/or fb:app_id. But no mention of the fb:page_id.

So what the states of the fb:page_id meta on a website ?


The behavior you describe appears to be a bug. The issue has been submitted to Facebook and accepted:


It has now been resolved.


I don't have an answer for that but I'm looking for one as well. It wasn't a requirement for OGP to function but was for page insights. As of late I can't seem to see fb:page_id referenced anymore on ogp.me or facbook's docs.

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