i have an array that is simple xml object. i am writing the codes below

[ID] => 1992109
[Title] => A Equipa do MAIS
[Description] => SimpleXMLElement Object

now how can i check the value of Description in this array that if there is a value of Description is present or not.

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To verify if a SimpleXMLElement object has a text value, you'll need to cast it as a string:

$desc = (string)$array['Description'];
if (!empty($desc)) {
  echo $desc;

Although you are able to directly echo the contents of a SimpleXMLElement object, to use its string value as a variable requires typecasting it. empty() must act on a variable1, so the element's implicit __toString() call won't work as it does with echo.

1Beginning with PHP 5.5, empty() can test an arbitrary expression's result. It no longer requires a variable as its argument.

  • Can also use strval($XML->description) when setting it in the array. Will type casting it work once it's already assigned to the array? – mseancole Nov 10 '11 at 4:55
  • @showerhead The object's behavior and state aren't affected by its membership in an array. Remember that if you have several similar XML elements, SimpleXML will present them as an array of objects too. – Michael Berkowski Nov 10 '11 at 13:47

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