Identical question to gitignore: Ignore all files in folder hierarchy except one specific filetype, but for Mercurial.

I want .hgignore to ignore all files except one or more files from a specific file type, for instance only allow files of the *.java and *.class file type to be tracked, in the current directory as well as sub directories.

For example, in the following directory:


I only want the following files to be included (including the structure of the directories):


(it does not matter if the directory containing h.png will be created or not.)

I've tried applying and changing the same principles as mentioned in the question above (but for Mercurial instead), as well as trying to apply principles from the question How can I ignore all directories except one using .hgignore?, without any luck.

EDIT: I tried the following with the mentioned directory tree above

$ hg stat
? A.class
? A.java
? B/C.class
? B/C.java
? B/G/H/h.png
? D/E/F.java
? a.png
? a.txt
$ hg add -I "**.{class, java}"
adding A.class
adding A.java
adding B/C.class
adding B/C.java
adding D/E/F.java

which gave me the wanted result. How do I create a .hgignore or config file that applies the -I "**.{class, java}" for each add or commit (and similar queries)?


Try this:

syntax: regexp

or better yet:

syntax: regexp

which will also match weird stuff like "a..java" or "a.java.java".

EDIT: Here's a revised solution incorporating Søren's tips and some further tweaking on my part. I hope the false positives e.g. that something like "ajava" or "java" didn't get ignored, are fixed now.

syntax: regexp
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    Tip: You don't need the leading .* (Mercurial does a search, not a match). A better way of handling 'weird stuff' is \.(?!java$|class$)[^.]+$ - that is, after rejecting java and class (thus not ignoring those), make sure we're actually looking at the file extension ([^.]+$), and not an earlier part of the filename. Finally, you need a separate ^[^.]+$ line to ignore files without an extension. – Søren Løvborg Oct 27 '12 at 22:56
  • @Søren Thanks for the tip. But adding the line ^[^.]+$ makes mercurial ignore text files in subfolders. – bug Oct 28 '12 at 0:09
  • Hm, good point. That's because Mercurial applies ignore patterns to directories as well as files, and since the directory doesn't have a ".java" or ".class" extension, it is ignored. I guess that assuming paths without an extension to be directories is probably the closest thing you get to tell files and directories apart using regular expressions. – Søren Løvborg Oct 28 '12 at 12:13

If ignored patterns are countable, why not use list of glob patterns? In your case for ignoring everywhere in repo-tree all *.class and *.java (if I understand task correctly) .hgrc will be

syntax: glob


If you want ignore all files with a lot of (or possible unknown at all) extensions except some you can try to use filesets (hg help filesets) in files-definition. Ignoring all extensions except *.png for your case will be smth. like (TBT!)

"set:not **.png"
  • What will putting the first code snippet in my .hgrc do? Only accept does files? Should that file be in my working directory? – mei Nov 10 '11 at 17:17
  • First .hgrc example will effectively ignore (for all repo-related operations) two extensions of fileson the whole repo-tree. All others extensions for files will be monitored and changes detected. .hgrc usually is versioned file placed in the root-dir of repo – Lazy Badger Nov 10 '11 at 18:23
  • I think that you misunderstood my question (or I who misunderstood your answer). I want to ignore all files except those mentioned above. Your first example describes the opposite from what I want to do. Furthermore, I could probably use some option from the filesets, and then use something like hg add "set: not *.class, not *.java", to only allow those file extensions to be added, but it would be better to have that option added to my .hgignore file for my current project, if possible. Thanks for your help so far! – mei Nov 13 '11 at 17:16
  • Ignore all except two extensions in .hgignore will be (I Think, TBT) "set:not **.class and not **.java" – Lazy Badger Nov 14 '11 at 4:07

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