See screen shot. Is it possible to do any sort of organising in the solution explorer view for a large project. For example in my report manager view I am able to put all Dashboards and related reports into a folder to help organise but it seems like in solution explorer I have to have a long unorganised list. Sub folders here would be great?

solution explorer view


[You've touched on one of my frustrations with SSRS report authoring.]

No, BIDS doesn't support the organization of reports into folders within one project.

The [mediocre] work-around is that you can have multiple SSRS projects in one solution. If you're not familiar with this, use the File Menu in BIDS, and select "Add -> New Project..." to add a separate project to your solution. The Solution Explorer you show above will add a level above the current report project with the new project above or below your existing report.

Sure seems like it would be an easy add for the product team. I haven't yet looked at SSRS 2012, to see if this is in the VS2010 environment.

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    it's no different with SSRS 2012 / VS2010 :( – James Manning Jun 27 '12 at 17:16

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