A lot of tools produces and consumes the same XML File format for Unit Test report.

Example (source):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<testsuite errors="0" failures="0" hostname="hazelnut.osuosl.org" name="net.cars.engine.MoteurTest" tests="6" time="0.021" timestamp="2007-11-02T23:13:50">
    <property name="java.vendor" value="IBM Corporation" />
    <property name="os.name" value="Linux" />
    <!-- more property tags-->
  <testcase classname="net.cars.engine.MoteurTest" name="hasBougie" time="0.0010" />
  <testcase classname="net.cars.engine.MoteurTest" name="hasCarburatueur" time="0.0010" />
  <!-- more testcase tags-->

After a little bit research, I have found that the format was proposed by the apache foundation (by the ant project).

Produced by:

  • junit ant task
  • antunit
  • maven surefire
  • testng
  • ...

Consumed by:

  • junitreport ant task
  • maven surefire-reports
  • CruiseControl
  • Luntbuild
  • Bamboo
  • Hudson/Jenkins
  • IntelliJ TeamCity
  • AntHill
  • Parabuild
  • JUnit PDF Report
  • ...

The only document I could find is this page on the ant wiki: Proposals/EnhancedTestReports

Is there any specification of this format (DTD, XSD) ?

I want to write a such file from hand... (or maybe use a librairy if you know any)...


This page http://windyroad.org/2011/02/07/apache-ant-junit-xml-schema/ suggests that the XML Schema for JUnit test reports is here http://windyroad.org/dl/Open%20Source/JUnit.xsd

The structure of that schema seems to match the example you have given.


Schema can be found in maven surefire documentation or in the source repository

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