I am having the following problem: Our svn repo has externals, and one subdirectory of the externals is not accessible with my credentials (the externals are managed by a different team). If I do an SVN checkout with Tortoise, I get prompted for user/pw and can just cancel this and it will continue with the next folder.

However, if I do a command-line checkout (this runs inside a C# program) the program fails after hitting a set timeout barrier. I never see any prompt (and even if it did appear, that wouldn't be helpful, as this program runs as an automated process).

Is there some commend-line option for svn with which I can just ignore folders for which I am lacking checkout permissions and have it continue with the next directory?


Options of svn co

  --depth ARG              : limit operation by depth ARG ('empty', 'files',
                             'immediates', or 'infinity')


  --ignore-externals       : ignore externals definitions

may help

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