I have created a server/client application. Both of them are written in C#. It uses TCP/IP communication with custom SSL implementation. Currently the login procedure requires a username/password pair for logging in.

I was asked to implement the single sign on to eliminate the need of username/password.

So now when the client starts it determines the currently logged in user's SID and sends it to the server which maps this connection to a user by the SID.

This solution works well but it is not a secured solution at all, I think.

The client has a strong name and it is obfuscated, of course.

I started thinking on how it is possible to hack this login and I think it is very easy from a hacker's point of view: - To find out a user's SID on a network is not a problem - Removing the strong name and changing the appropriate code to use a hard coded SID instead of the current one can be implemented easily

So what do you think? Can you suggest me a better solution please? Can you tell me please how to improve the security?

Or could you tell me please how Outlook handles the user authentication? (I guess/hope it is not so easy to cheat Outlook)

Thank you!

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To authenticate with Windows Authentication, you can use NegotiateStream.

MSDN provides a decent example that you can use to perform authentication:


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