I am using LINQ to SQL to insert simple data into a table WITHOUT a stored procedure. The table has a Primary Key ID column, which is set as an IDENTITY column in both SQL Server and in my DBML.

First I call InsertOnSubmit(); with data for a single row, and then I call SubmitChanges(); to commit the row to the db. But I think there must be a simple way to then retrieve the row's IDENTITY column value of the newly inserted row. I don't wish to provide the IDENTITY column value to the db, I want it to generate one for me.

How is this best handled?


here is a simple code snippet

            Dim odb As New DataClassesDataContext
            Dim tst As New test
            tst.name = "abcd"
            Response.Write("id:" + tst.id.ToString)

so, basically the object you used in InsertOnSubmit will get the identity field populated after the record has been created in the database

  • Sooper, Thanks Vikram :) – TechieBrij Dec 29 '15 at 4:04

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