How can I count how many different values I have in 1 localstorage key.

For example:

This is my localstorage:


For this example I'd like an alert of 2 different values. So basically I want to count the {}..

Is that possible?

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localStorage is an object, so just localStorage.length gives you the number of entries.

However I think I might be misunderstanding you. Do you mean you have one key, and that key's value is a JSON.stringify'd object? If so, you could do JSON.parse(localStorage.keyname).length to unserialise the value and count how many there are in there.

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  • Basically I have 1 key which will have many values as shown above. On my question, the key has 2 values. – jQuerybeast Nov 11 '11 at 11:59
  • This is what I'm looking for: JSON.parse(localStorage.result).length Thanks! – jQuerybeast Nov 11 '11 at 12:02

Your object is saved as an array so just using the .length should give you the number of {} pairs you have. Try this (replace "whatever" with the name of your array:

var something = localstorage.whatever[];
var length = something.length;
alert("length = " + length);
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This will return the number of items in the key for you

testing = JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem(KEYNAMEHERE));

//Lets count how many we have back
obj = eval('(' + testing + ')');

//And the total is...
for(_obj in obj) objCount++;

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  • If you've run JSON.parse you don't need to also run eval. Also, this will count array prototype elements like length itself, and all its methods. – Niet the Dark Absol Nov 11 '11 at 12:15

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