I have installed Sonar and configured it to analyze our (.NET) projects (using Sonar-Runner). Everything works great, except the tests (MsTest). I've googled around, spent quite some time just trying, but no success. Each time I run sonar-runner, I see the same line in the output:

Gallio won't execute as there are no test projects

I've even created a new solution with 2 projects:

  • TestProject => The 'main' project, has only 1 class
  • TestProject.UnitTests => has some simple unit tests on the class in the TestProject

In my sonar.properties file for the solution I have the following line:


Running the analysis, everything works fine and I get result, except again: "no test projects found."

Actually I've tried many things with this property, but none have been successful. I also tried with a direct path to the dll, with the property:


and some other paths (relative, etc), but still: No test projects found.

Is there anyone who has some experience with this and can help me out with this problem?

PS. When I run Gallio on it self, it works, tests get executed, etc. Also, the path to Gallio in the Sonar properties is correct.


According to the source code (thanks to grepcode.com) for the Sonar C-sharp plugin, a project qualifies as a test project if its assembly name matches the testProjectPattern, which defaults to "*.Tests". It can also be set in sonar-project.properties, like this:


Note the spelling error (donet)...(!)

  • 1
    Thanks! Actually, what i did wrong is that I corrected the spelling error! I read that i should set that property, but 'assumed' that it was a typo. I didn't consider it to be a typo in the plugin itself!
    – Shatish
    Nov 17 '11 at 16:09
  • FYI the typo in the plugin code has been corrected since. "sonar.dotnet.visualstudio.testProjectPattern" property can be use safely. May 23 '12 at 20:18

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