I get the error "JDBCExceptionReporter - incompatible data types in combination" when running the following code:

    public Collection<SensorReading> getLastReadings(int[] sensorIds)
    throws DataAccessException {
            StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
    sb.append("SELECT r ");
    sb.append("FROM Sensor AS s, SensorReading AS r ");
    sb.append("WHERE s.id IN (");
    for(int sensId:sensorIds){
    //strip off the last comma
    sb.setLength(sb.length() -1);
    //build the rest of the query
    sb.append(")  AND s.id = r.sensorId ");
    sb.append("   AND r.readingTimestampUtc >= s.lastBeaconUtc ");
    List<SensorReading> readings = getHibernateTemplate().find(sb.toString());
    //map to hold only the latest result
    Map<Integer, SensorReading> readingsMap = new HashMap<Integer, SensorReading>();
    //flash through the readings and make sure there's only one per sensor ID
    for(SensorReading rdg:readings){
        Integer sensorId = rdg.getSensorId();
        SensorReading reading = readingsMap.get(sensorId);
            readingsMap.put(sensorId, rdg);
            //replace if the new reading is later
                readingsMap.put(sensorId, reading);
    return readingsMap.values();

sensor id and sensorreading sensorid are all integers and the other joins are dates. Any ideas why i might be getting this?

  • What are you referring to when you say "the above error"? – Mansoor Siddiqui Nov 11 '11 at 16:05

If the sensorId is integer the HQL should be as below

for(int sensId:sensorIds){
      //  sb.append("'");
       // sb.append("',");

In any query be SQL or HQL, the integers should not be inside the quotes(')

in (1,2,3) -- For the integers

in ('a','b','c') -- For the char types
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Yikes! The problem was the quotes around the IDs in the list.

Why doesn't hibernate deal with this properly?

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