CheckBoxFor renders a hidden field with the same name (and for good reason)

I need to enable/disable some other INPUT fields based on the value of the CheckBox when the page loads. However, I can't get the JQuery selector right. My function ends up firing twice because the selector is getting both the CheckBox and the Hidden input fields.

This is what I have tried and neither work:

$('input[name$="Selected",type=checkbox]').each(function (){
   alert('here ' + this.name);

$('input[name$="Selected"],:checkbox').each(function (){
   alert('here ' + this.name);

Neither of these approaches work. The latter approach still doesn't filter to just the CheckBox inputs, so the call to EnableOrderItemDropDowns still fires twice.

  • Once again, the solution presents itself to me right after I post to StackOverflow.. Oh well. ($('input[name$="Selected"]:not(:hidden)')) – Chris Holmes Nov 11 '11 at 20:09

The hidden field that is generated does not contain an ID

So you can do:


The only element you will have is the checkbox

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