a = [2,4,5]
a.count-1 => 2
a.count - 1 => 2


a.count -1 => 0

What causes this behavior? Why doesn't it happen if a is an integer (and not an array)?

Also, I have noticed that there must not be a space between a method name and the parenthesis that follows (for parameters). Why is that?

Ruby 1.9.2


Because methods can be called with no parentheses, this:

a.count - 1

Means subtract 1 from a.count, whereas

a.count -1 # is like a.count(-1)

Means call the method a.count with -1 as an argument. It doesn't happen when a is an integer because integers don't have the count method. You just have to be careful as you type.

a.count - 1 # you are subtracting 
a.count -1  # you are doing a.count(-1)

Are you sure you can't put a space between a method name and the parens? I just did it in ruby 1.9.2 and it works fine. For example

a.product ([3])

a.count -1 is equivalent to a.count(-1).

It returns the number of times -1 is included in your array.

a = [-1, 3, 4]
a.count -1 => 1

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