I want to call a function in one PHP file from a second PHP file and also pass two parameters to that function. How can I do this?

I am very new to PHP. So please tell me, should I include the first PHP file into the second?

Please show me an example. You can provide some links if you want.


Yes include the first file into the second. That's all.

See an example below,

File1.php :

  function first($int, $string){ //function parameters, two variables.
    return $string;  //returns the second argument passed into the function

Now Using include (http://php.net/include) to include the File1.php to make its content available for use in the second file:

File2.php :

  include 'File1.php';
  echo first(1,"omg lol"); //returns omg lol;
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    To prevent unauthorized access to the file content with all your functions in it, bury the functions (File1.php) above the DOCUMENT_ROOT and change its permissions to 'rwxr-x--x'. – Kirk Powell Apr 11 '16 at 18:46



    function func1($param1, $param2)
        echo $param1 . ', ' . $param2;




    func1('Hello', 'world');

See manual


files directory:





function sum(a,b){
 return a+b;
function product(a,b){
return a*b;


require_once "functions.php";
echo "sum of two numbers ". sum(4,2);
echo "<br>"; //  create break line
echo "product of two numbers ".product(2,3);

The Output Is :

sum of two numbers 6 product of two numbers 6

Note: don't write public before function. Public, private, these modifiers can only use when you create class.

  • I've split my functions into separate files to include where needed. – Leo May 10 '16 at 20:17

you can write the function in a separate file (say common-functions.php) and include it wherever needed.

function getEmployeeFullName($employeeId) {
// Write code to return full name based on $employeeId

You can include common-functions.php in another file as below.

echo 'Name of first employee is ' . getEmployeeFullName(1);

You can include any number of files to another file. But including comes with a little performance cost. Therefore include only the files which are really required.

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