Wonder if It's posible to programming on Aptana Studio for Android market?

I saw in the new flash version CS5 it's posible to create a new android project and create a APK package.

does this thing posible in Aptana Studio 3? if so, how? Should I need to download some SDK?

Thank you.


Yes, it's possible!

Just follow the instructions for "Downloading the ADT Plugin" for Eclipse and everything should work just fine. After installation is done, you can install the SDKs for different versions of Android and sample projects by going (in Aptana) to Window > Android SDK Manager or add custom Android Virtual Devices (AVD) by going to Window > AVD Manager.

Here's also a short video on how to create a project using the samples and run it in a virtual device.


It's not possible in Aptana Studio 3 per se. However, Aptana was acquired by Appcelerator. They have a product called Titanium Studio, which is built on Aptana Studio 3 but adds the ability to create mobile apps for iOS, Android, etc. (all from one codebase -- JavaScript). http://www.appcelerator.com/products/titanium-studio/

If you want to code your app for Android in Java, then go with Ionut's approach and the ADT plugin.

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