I have about 4000 lines of code that I need to re-style. I'm not doing this by hand. Are there any tools available that will help change style?

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  • It would be helpful to state what language. – Dave Newton Nov 13 '11 at 4:08

Eclipse has a configurable source code formatter that can be triggered automatically on Save and manually with Ctrl+Shift+F (customizable shortcut) for most if not all editor plugins (i.e., most if not all languages). Of those that I use, only PHP Development Tools has configuration limits there.

You really should name the programming/markup language(s) that you are using.


Try jEdit - they have auto-indentation, and works on most OSes.



"Any" IDE will do it for you. So which one are you using ?

Vim : gg , = , G

Netbeans : "Select the lines you want to reformat (indenting), then hit Alt+Shift+F. Only the selected lines will be reformatted."

Notepad++ : Check out this link posted here

  • sure notepad++ is another solution .. like i said, "any" ide will do it for you. – malletjo Nov 13 '11 at 4:03

AStyle (C/C++/Java/C#) command line tool. I use it within any IDE by invoking external command with shortcut.