With a sorted set, is there an easy way to compute "global" values, for instance the average, median, max, min, etc. of all the scores in the set, or do I always need to extract the scores and do the calculations myself (which is a bit of a pain ...)?


You can do it all with ZCARD and ZRANGE (withscore of course).

  • Min: ZRANGE on index 0
  • Max: ZRANGE on max index (ZCARD value)
  • Median: ZRANGE on the middle index (ZCARD/2)
  • Average: you can store the total off all score in another counter and then divide it by the ZCARD value

There is no easy way for doing it. There are not many aggregation commands.

Edit: if that's what you have to do, maybe sorted set (or even redis) is not the way to go. Can you elaborate on your use-case?


You can add another key with the sum of all the scores in the sorted set. You will have to update it manually (in a multi/exec probably) on every insert/update/delete of the sorted set. Then you can get the value and divide it by the ZCARD to get the average.

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